Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mrs. Rashae!

So my ex-next-door-neighbor Rashae moved to Arizona last year, met the man of her dreams and got married this last Thursday. I moved down here just in time to be able to make their wedding cake! I normally do one, maybe two a year, but this is my fifth so far in 2010!

l think it turned out really well. The reception was beautiful, with fall colors, great music, and amazing food (including an ice cream bar!)

Brian and Rashae are so dang cute together! Seriously adorable!

The place was packed, and the happy couple barely had any time to eat. They did manage to grab a few bites here and there!

They didn't shove the cake into each other's faces! They were very nice to each other.

Rashae's students will have to get used to calling her Mrs. Aldridge instead of Miss Holt. I remember when I was in 5th grade and a teacher got married in the middle of the year and I thought it was so weird that we had to call her a different name all of a sudden. Funny how things look different from the other side.

I almost can't stand how happy they look!

And I love the comfy footwear!

Corinne and Emily were thee too. It was really good to see Utah friends!

At one point the DJ had the groom pick 4 other men from the crowd, and then made them wear Village People headwear and dance to the YMCA. It was pretty random, but hilarious!

Gotta love any couple that will make a silly face for the camera on their wedding day!

Hooray for the newly-formed Aldridge family!