Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Spring has Sprung!

So even though I live in a town-house kind of a setup, and even though I don't really have a yard, spring makes me feel like I should be trying to grow things. So I went online to tomatobob.com and ordered some heirloom tomato seeds. Now, those of you that have been around me in Provo know I made a cinderblock garden a few years ago, and all that really grew were the tomatoes. But that time around I just bought little tomato plants and just transplanted them. This year I decided to try and start my own little tomato plants. I was a little nervous because they need to be in a certain temperature range, and need to be kept moist to sprout, and so on and so forth... I planted them on Sunday the 6th and have been peeking at them every day since. When I checked them this previous Sunday I saw cute little plants growing! Almost every seed I planted has sprouted, and I've put them on my window sill to get some sun.

Sometime within the next month I'll get someone to help me build some planter boxes and make a square-foot garden for my patio. The only space I have doesn't get full sunlight, so I'm not sure how the tomatoes will do, but I'm going to try. It gets so hot in the summer anyways, so I figure maybe having little plants in a place that doesn't get full sunlight might be good. Right? I hope so. I have some fun tomato varieties that I'm trying out... Black Zebra, Eva's Purple Ball, Greek Domato, Isis Candy, Bloody Butcher. Great names, so I hope I get a few tomatoes from each so I can try them out. There's nothing like picking tomtatoes straight from the garden, and having fun colors and shapes of tomatoes should be fun. If I don't kill them all off, that is...

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