Monday, September 22, 2008

Think Greek!

Hi. My name is Karen. (hello Karen) And I am a food addict. (clapping)

I seriously love food. And as a way of enabling my habit, I celebrate cultures that celebrate food. Take the Greeks for example. Every year they hold a festival in Salt Lake City that revolves around food. Oh, there are some people that dance way off to one side of the ginormous tent they have set up, and you can take a tour of the Greek Orthodox church (not so common in Utah), but mostly people just come for the food. And some tasty food it is. Mmmmmmm

The end of the food line was outside the ginormous tent and had so many people in it that it reached the end of the tent and then wrapped around for about half the rest of the outside the tent line. Nicole, Sara, Caren, and I wandered around until we realized that yes, this was the food line. We got in the line, wrapped around, finally got in the tent, got to the other side of the tent, went through some crazy switchbacks, and finally got into the cafeteria-style food serving place. We all loaded up our trays with things like Domathes, Fasolakia, Kefthethes, Gyros, and Spanakopites, and Diet Coke. We payed the nice little greek ladies, and made our way close to the little dancing stage way at the other side of the parking lot turned greek madhouse.

We took a seat, admired our food for a bit, and then started to gorge ourselves silly. After the main course we took a little break and watched the dancers. And made some observations of our own. Some of the greek men got really into the dancing. They were stomping and jumping and doing the greek man version of a kick line. The expressions on their faces were all kinds of intense. It was great! The women did their fair share of jumping around, and had some great moves too. You maybe can't tell from the picture but it struck me that traditional greek costumes for women don't seem to include... *ahem*... adequate support. If you know what I mean. If I had been contemplating learning greek dance before, this was enough to dissuade me. Seriously...

After our bellies had rested for a good 15 minutes or so, I went off to get some dessert. I couldn't decide, so I got one of each thing they had at the dessert stand. Don't worry, I did share!

All in all it made for a fun night. It was fun to see Caren again, and I'm glad Nicole is back from her years up north! And it was fun to get to know Sarah a little bit better! I only wish I didn't have to wait another year for it to happen again.

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