Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I can't believe it's been two years since my Dad passed away. Wow... time really flies.

A few months before he passed, my sister Connie took my little digital voice recorder down and asked him a few questions. She had her kids and Audrey ask some questions too. He sounds pretty tired at the beginning, but was much more rested and sounding like his old self by the time the grandkids asked questions.

It makes me tear up to listen to him, but it's great to hear his voice again...


  1. I have always wondered what happened to that! I am so glad you still have it. It was good to listen to- I didn't want it to end. Thanks for posting it.

  2. That is so sweet. How nice to have something like this. What a treasure.

  3. So many of Dad's answers are different or more than what he said but you can tell he didn't feel good and couldn't think. Randy loved the old Country Singers. He had a wonderful memory of visiting his Grandma Costner in Pima, AZ and when they would visit they couldn't wait for "The Wonderful World of Disney" movie to come on every Sunday night.
    This was special Karen...and very emotional :)

  4. You're really lucky. I wish that I had something like that so badly.