Saturday, July 10, 2010

Party Like It's Your Birthday

I have an amazing friend who had a birthday this weekend. Lawanna is always a party, but this time she made it an organized event.

There was a big tent with tables, 3 BBQs going full throttle, a full size cotton candy machine, a slurpee machine, a 100 foot slip-n-slide down a hill in the park, and a beautiful, tasty cake made by yours truly!

It was a water-themed party. We were warned to come prepared to get wet, and it was a good thing we were warned...

A full-blown water fight broke out, and no one was safe...

Even the bishop (above in slacks and button-up shirt) got soaked! Brother Miller was like a giant 3 year old with that super soaker. He even "autographed" my back.

Robadile Dundee kept soaking people with bowls full of water.

There was a big tupperware thing full of water balloons that were originally meant for water-balloon-volleyball that all got used for "payback" instead. There was a good 20 minutes of people running around getting everybody wet. Good times.

Lawanna asked me to make her cake, but let me do whatever I wanted. I decided to use my flower-shaped pan to make a giant pink flower. Lawanna is currently fighting breast cancer, so pink is her color these days. I decided that a plain flower was boring, so I made little bugs out of color-flow icing to put all over it.

It was a crazy-fun party that had over 100 people in attendance, and lasted 5 hours. It all made for a perfect summer evening!

Happy birthday Lawanna! I'm so glad we're friends!!

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  1. It was fun. And your cake was awesome! It looked good AND tasted good. Awesome job!