Thursday, June 5, 2008

Peep Wars!

At long last, the peep wars finally went down. The teams were as follows:

Blue Warriors (blue): Brian
Purple Peeple Eaters (purple): Amy
Krustees (pink): Karen
Geepers Peepers (green): Brent
Smella Yella (yellow): Rhiannon

Each commander prepared their peep army for battle.

Two commanders each selected an opposing peep to face one of their own. Peeps were microwaved for 30 seconds. The peep that got speared first, or that rolled over first, or that blew up the most was considered the loser. The winning commander then selected which of the next two armies would face off.

Because the Krustees were tearing it up (so to speak), when we decided to do a full-on battle with all five teams at once, there were more toothpick lances pointed at my peep than at any other one peep. Which turned out to be a little overkill, since my peep was the first to roll over in this particular battle.

It was fun, but ultimately the Krustees (named because they were the most stale of the bunch) were the victors! We have another set of peeps that we've put in a gallon sized bag all together (to even levels of crustiness across all peeps for the next battle.)

There was a brother-on-brother battle that was pretty entertaining, so I'm including a video of that one too. It was really fun to see the peeps get all huge in the microwave and then deflate when we took them out. If anyone else would like to host their own peep wars, I would recommend using paper plates. The post-microwave peeps get pretty crusty, and I'd hate to have to wash them off of plates I wanted to use again.

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