Friday, January 23, 2009

A Pet Peeve

As I sit here taking a break from the break I've been taking I thought I'd share with you a pet peeve of mine I've recently discovered. You see... it all goes back to about 7 or so years ago when I was taking a ballroom dance class in the WILK. (285 for those of you that are interested in which one) At the time the WILK was undergoing substantial renovations, especially down the hallway where my classroom was located. To complicate things, I had a class across campus just 10 minutes after the dance class, so every day was a frantic rush into the bathroom to change my clothes and shoes before sprinting to my next class. There was a bathroom door directly across the hall from the door of my class. Convienent yes? Well, not really seeing as this was a men's bathroom. For whatever reason, the construction people had taken down the signs normally making it obvious which gender would be welcomed to enter said restroom. The first time I mistakenly rushed into the bathroom, only to be met with a line of urinals (fortunately unoccupied) was quite a shock. Ditto for the second time. You'd think I would have learned my lesson at this point. But no... I was a little less fortunate the third (yes third) time. I guess as soon as the bell rang my brain went automatically out of my head and to the next class. So I push open the door (yes, to the same men's room) and see one of the guys from my dance class coming around the corner finishing zipping up his pants. Talk about embarrassment. I pretty much ran away. This was only half-way through the semester so I still had two months in this class. And I would have to dance with this guy! What's even worse is that he was one of a pair of identical twins that were in the class together and I couldn't tell them apart, so whenever I ended up paired with one of them I never knew whether or not the guy I was dancing with was the one that saw me burst into the men's restroom! Ugh...

Which leads me to my pet peeve. I hate it when women's restrooms are decorated blue. I speak of one I used recently in the law building. Tiles, stalls, everything blue. It really makes me anxious, as if I'm in the wrong one. Because traditionally blue = boy, right? I had to double check the tell-tale signs of a women's bathroom; notably the presence of the little stall trash cans, the wall vending machine, and the lack of urinals. I was in the right place, but did it really have to be so very blue? Really!? Ugh...

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  1. You are so dang funny Karen! As a school teacher you are not allowed to use the children's bathrooms. At our school there is only one, count them 1, adult women's bathroom. Needless to say my body has adjusted and I almost never use a bathroom during the school day but have to hop out of the car and run into the house as soon as I'm home :) Fun times!