Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The little bearded man

My roommate Michele is engaged to Alan. As such we see him a lot more these days. All in all, I'm OK with the whole thing. He's nice and all, and he compliments me alot. OK, not really all of the time. Some of the times. Mostly when I have food and he wants some of it. But I'll take what I can get these days! I don't relish the thought of not living with Michele anymore because she's so crazy fun. We'll just have to pack in the fun the next month or so!

Alan is a bit of an enigma. Sometimes I don't know who he is. At times he's so innocent and cuddly-looking, and I can see what Michele sees in the dude.

But there are other times when he's anything but. Every now and then I catch a look of pure animosity directed right at me. This sometimes happens when Michele is around, but never while she's paying attention. And that makes me a little concerned. Does Michele know this side of Alan? Maybe she does! That's a scary thought. Maybe she has a corresponding evil side that clicks with the evil gleam I've caught in Alan's eye. Maybe they're plotting against me!

That's it! I'm barricading myself in my bedroom at night from now on!!


  1. I had no idea, trust me... he will be punished. But I think he looks slightly adorable with the horns.

  2. Does your roomie know how you feel? He is Satan reincarnate according to your blog. We have a new blog.

  3. My roommate knows. Hers is the first comment up there. Alan is really a sweetie, that picture was just really funny so I decided to poke fun at him!