Friday, March 27, 2009

Wogging for a Cure

So a few weeks ago I dug my running shoes out of the bottom of my shoe box, dusted them off and laced them up. I donned my new t-shirt, safety-pinned a number to my abdomen, and went to meet a few members of my family for my yearly run.Seeing as I am a shape, but not generally considered "in" one, what was a run for some people ended up being a wog in my case. That's a walk/jog for those of you not hip with my lingo. After a few minutes huddling together in the pre-sunrise chill, the Rex Lee Run run for a cure started up. Uncle Rich took off to work the 10k, and after all those people crazy enough to join him were safely out of our way, the 5k-ers got to start. Audrey and I started jogging from the beginning, and Mom and Janis brought up the rear. Audrey could have dusted me, but was nice enough to keep me company. At my suggestion, Audrey and I walked up most of the uphill slopes, and then jogged on the downhill stretches. I made decent time for me, especially seeing as I've pretty much been in hibernation between finishing up my dissertation and the chill in the weather. I really haven't gotten out much. I fully plan on remedying that. Soon. Tomorrow, in fact.
Back to the race... There were tons of people cheering along the raceway, icluding Scooby-Dooby-Doo! I got a quick breather while Audrey posed for the camera. I did manage to come in ahead of 183 people! I'm not going to mention the exact number of strollers that were breezing past me in the early, middle, and late stages of the race because that will bruise my ego, and how silly would I be to post that kind of thing on the internet?
Audrey came in 42 places ahead of me. Janis came just ahead of Mom, and they beat 36 and 35 people, respectively, including all of the racers that were in wheelchairs.
Audrey and I got in enough ahead that we were able to capture the moment when Janis and Mom crossed the finish line. Uncle Rich got a medal for his stellar performance, and we got to watch him being interviewed for KBYU tv, and being photographed while being interviewed. Goofy hat and all :)
In order to recoup all of the calories we just burned, we went and had a late breakfast at IHOP. Good times all around!

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  1. que lindos momentos y actividades para disfrutar en familia me encanto
    ojalas yo pueda sacar a correr al gordito de mi esposo jajaja despues te cuento si lo logre