Friday, April 15, 2011

Shoulder Angels

The Emperor's New Groove is a great movie. Here's one of my favorite scenes. I just love the whole dialogue between Kronk, and his shoulder counterparts:

Great, Right!?!

Well, today I ran across a spin-off on that theme that BYU's Divine Comedy did. Check it out:

I 'bout busted a gut! Serious belly laughter! Just thought I'd share with you all :)


  1. Cristin and I took the few minutes we have between early morning seminary and school to check out your blog. Nothing is better than starting the day with a good laugh. We thought we would die. This is hysterical. As Shakespeare once said, "Thanks, thanks and thanks again."

  2. AHAHAHAHAAHHAHAAHAHAHAH. That was AWESOME. My FAVORITE part of that movie followed by DC hilariosity. Good gracious that rocked.

  3. Thanks Karen... that was funny.

  4. There's more than one! There's also Shoulder Cupid and Shoulder Leprechaun along with at least three other Shoulder Angel moments. Glad you still keep up with DC. :)


  5. Also, the crazy part about this skit is that Matt (the Shoulder Angel) had just participated in a modern dance version of "Colors of the Wind"--poor thing must have been exhausted by the end of this scene. :)