Thursday, April 21, 2011

One Less Item on my Bucket List

Turns out, they have a killer Ren-Faire in Arizona. I had a few friends that clued me in and took me with them. At the Faire, I paid $5 to ride an elephant. It was a really, really big animal. Like really big. In the words of the lady sitting in front of me "This is definitely the biggest thing I've had betw..."

Um... I'm not sure how many kids read the blog. Better leave it at that...

It wasn't a long ride, and it wasn't a fast ride, but it was pretty dang fun. And from this point forward, I can say "I have ridden an elephant." Good times!

Here's a few of the folks I went with. Yes, we're crazy, but not as crazy as a few of the folks we saw walking around. I have nothing against dressing up for these things. I was, in fact, rather jealous of a few of the people that were all medevially-gussied-up. But some of the costumes... yikes. Either because the people were rather... corpulent... and their costumes were rather snug... or because others weren't wearing nearly enough costume. Also, there was inappropriate use of chainmail. Nothing against chainmail, in and of itself, but I do question the judgement of females who wear halter tops made out of it with nothing underneath. For one, there were kids walking around. For two, there's a much greater danger of sunburn that way. And finally, I mean, move too quickly and you're likely to be pinched in a rather uncomfortable spot or two. Ouchie ouch ouch ouchie. No thank you.

We walked, we saw some shows (Hey Nunnie Nunnie was hilarious) attended the jousting tournament, and ate some giant smoked turkey legs. All in all, it was a pretty good day!


  1. Riding an elephant was on my bucket list too... and was checked off. Doesn't it feel great to check things off of the bucket list of awesomeness?

  2. Makes me kinda want to start quoting things from "Princess Bride". Sounds like a blast!