Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May the 4th Be With You

Well folks, its that time again... International STAR WARS DAY!!!

This year's festivities were a bit more low-key than those of last year, but there were still cupcakes.

These were a little easier to put together. Frost cupcakes in white, color the rest with quite a bit of cocoa to make the hair dark. The amount of dry cocoa powder that I added made the frosting pretty thick, so I had to thin it out prior to putting it in the piping bag. I made the bangs with the chocolate frosting, colored in the middle of the oreos so the white filling wouldn't show, and then I stuck the oreos to the sides with more chocolate frosting.

I did the lips and eyes and lips with gel colors I picked up at the grocery store. It's a pain to get frosting to a good, dark black or red color and I really didn't feel like dealing with it.

I think they turned out dang cute!

I also decided to make a "Bantha Milk" punch, rather than just coloring milk blue like I did last year. (The milk that comes from Banthas on Tatooine is blue. It's a Star Wars thing. Obviously)

"Bantha Milk" Punch

2 cans pineapple nectar (you could use regular pineapple juice)
4 pouches Kool-Aid Blue Raspberry Jammers
1/2 can coconut milk
1/4 cup Lemon Juice (needed a little more tartness)
1/4 cup sugar (needed a little more sweetness)

Mix all ingredients well just before serving. The coconut milk will slowly rise to the top, but just mix it back in and enjoy. It's a pina colada type of flavor. I really enjoyed it. The pineapple nectar was really yellow, so it turned more of a teal than the blue I was looking for, but it was a fun experiment. Pineapple juice would probably be a little less yellow.

May the force be with you all!


  1. Karen: I had no idea you're a Star Wars junkee. AWESOME cupcakes. You are super creative!

  2. I thought about you yesterday because of your party last year... which was awesome. I love the cupcakes this year. Clever!

  3. You are so dang creative! Looks like the party is wherever Karen is!